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"There are a lot of people hurting and a lot of people who are angry. This play has the potential to bring a lot of wisdom and a lot of healing."

Christine Braski, President, Georgia Right to Life, Houston County, GA

"I pray fathers will be more active and present and responsible, valuing and protecting the life God has given us."

- Lenoris Daniels, Houston County Chapter, Georgia Right to Life.

"As Executive Director of a national Christian pro-life non-profit, I am careful about attaching its name and reputation to other organizations until I am confident that it is a good fit. Writer/Producer John Hoover's Viable won us over from the start with its bold pro-life message, presented with Christian integrity, moving sensitivity, and a highly professional cast and script. This unique production will champion human life wherever it is staged!"

- Deborah Hollifield, Executive Director, Presbyterians Protecting Life

"[Viable] was very well done! Well written and acted. I would refer it to all PG centers and churches."

- Yvonne Williams

"The play, "Viable" is one of the most engaging and touching plays I have ever seen. I was brought to tears several times as "Judy" and her aborted child interacted with each other. I saw a transformation of a bitter, nasty, spiteful, and arrogant woman changed to a woman whose whole demeanor changed--her body language and voice showed compassion and a sense of being forgiven. There is much more that will have to happen for Judy to heal, but Judy is on her way. Thank you for this play which allowed me a peek into what my own mother, a teen raped and forced to abort by her parents, must have felt, must have said and only with the the grace of God welcomed 10 children in a beautiful marriage with my father. I saw my mother crying at times with no explanation and refusal to tell me why. I know why now and I am so sorry that she did not begin the path to healing as Judy did but instead took this secret to her grave. But I have no doubt that that child, my sibling, is telling my mother in heaven "I love you". This play was very personal for me. It was good for men and boys to see that men do play a very real part in the decision of a woman to abort. This play has the capacity to change the way that women who have aborted are viewed and I pray that healing will come to these women and that others will see these women as pawns in the disgusting abortion industry who only profits from their misery."

- Kathy Forck, Director, Midwest March for Life

"I knew that I wanted to bring the Viable play after seeing it at National Right to Life Convention . I knew that it would be impactful and it was. In the evaluations, many people identified the Viable play as the thing that they liked most about The Pro-Life Pro-Family Coalition Conference. An Ob/GYN doctor that had been practicing for many years indicated that lines in the play were statements that she has heard over the years from her patients. We were especially gratified that several groups were so touched by the play that they want to bring it back to the area to churches and schools. I hope this happens because EVERYONE should see this play. Thank you Viable cast, John Hoover, PHD and support staff for doing an awesome job."

- Dr. Joronda Crawford, Co-Founder of Pro-Life Pro-Family Coalition of Chicago

"Viable was a heart rending performance of the pain and turmoil a black little secret causes. The play is a powerful tool for opening up awareness of the long term and long range effects of choosing abortion that most people who have not known it firsthand have not really thought about. The play graciously presents God's forgiveness and His desire to heal those who know abortion all too well. Bring your tissues! And your friends!"

- Lori Rousch, Chapter Leader Deeper Still Arkansas

"Creative, powerful, moving, thought-provoking and grace-centered are words that reflect my reaction to seeing the one act play. The trauma experienced by post-abortive women and men was authentically and soberingly presented. Most significantly, the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bring about honesty, forgiveness, healing, and restoration was soundly declared. Viable is a helpful tool to encourage the church to be more proactive in supporting pro-life causes as well as ministering the God’s grace to those suffering the consequences of having an abortion."

- Tim Reed, Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church - Little Rock

"The Right To Life sponsored play, Viable, is one of the most profound statements of forgiveness you will ever witness. The obvious message of a child’s pure love, a mother’s angry guilt, a couple's struggling relationship and God’s forgiveness was powerful! Please do not miss the opportunity to understand what RTL is all about!"

- Dan Sullivan, Springdale Arkansas

"Viable is a beautifully written play that emphasizes the life-altering, negative impacts - psychological, familial, and spiritual - that commonly follow abortion for those who may be considering abortion, while simultaneously offering a message of understanding, redemption, and hope available through Jesus Christ to those already affected by abortion. I highly recommend Viable."

- Jimmy Gazaway, Jonesboro Arkansas

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Audience Feedback

"Viable is raw and real."

"This is not what they are teaching us in school." - 12-year-old audience member.

"It was eerie how close the actual plot [of Viable] is to my own story. It shocked me when the tears started flowing [at the live performance] even after having seen it once on the internet. I’m excited to see where God uses this ministry for His glory and the healing of many broken lives The emotional insight in Viable had to be God given because the highs and lows in the play are brilliantly placed. What a gift!! Thank you for being obedient and following through to bring the subject of not only the child but the post-abortive mother and her struggles to audiences."

"I feel a lot of girls should see [Viable] to get a better understanding of things.” - 13-year-old audience member.

"Amazing! Moving and touching play."

"Absolutely beautiful! Deeply moving and wonderfully played out."

"Thank you for bringing to life the reality of the grief and regret of the post-abortive woman."

"Please express my grateful thanks and deep appreciation to John and the cast of Viable for an excellent performance of Viable. It was an outstanding event which demonstrated that a great deal of preparation, rehearsal, and prayer had been invested in this event. More importantly, however, it handled a controversial and sensitive issue with grace, doing so through a cast, who were so gifted, the audience found them to be believable and accessible each time a new level of emotional interaction was reached. Please, thank everyone involved and I look forward to hearing great reports from tonight’s performance." - Dr. Richard Gibbons, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Greenville, SC

"Everybody needs to see this play!"

"This was amazing. I felt a super part of it. The acting was profound. This play will change hearts."

"I came in not expecting much. But, I found myself laughing and crying. The performance completely captured my heart. Easily as good as anything I have seen anywhere."

"Amazing work! God bless you all."

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