Coming Attraction: Viable Act II The Healing Experience

Viable is a one-act play that stirs deep and often buried emotions. Viable Act II is a facilitated online or in-person healing experience that will help people look behind their own curtains to understand how deeply Viable is already healing them and to act as a bridge to a more formal and rigorous post-abortion healing class. Watch the promo video to get an idea of how Viable Act II looks and feels.

To learn more about how Viable Act II can act as a bridge between a transformative theatrical performance and your organization's healing classes, counseling, and/or coaching, please reach out to Viable writer/producer, John Hoover. PhD at (615) 268-3507

Viable Helpline 1-866-721-7881

If you are struggling to make a pregnancy decision or if you are experiencing the emotional storm that often follows an abortion, you can speak to an experienced phone coach who has been through what you are now facing by calling    H3LPLINE 24/7 Find us on Facebook