Viable Act II
The Healing Experience

Viable is a one-act play that stirs deep and often buried emotions. Viable Act II is a facilitated online or in-person healing experience that will help people look behind their own curtains to understand how deeply Viable is already healing them and to act as a bridge to a more formal and rigorous post-abortion healing class. Watch the promo video to get an idea of how Viable Act II looks and feels.

Click here to preview the Viable Act II The Healing Experience.

To learn more about how Viable Act II can act as a bridge between a transformative theatrical performance and your organization's healing classes, counseling, and/or coaching, please reach out to Viable writer/producer, John Hoover. PhD at (615) 268-3507

How Viable Act II works.
Watching the play, Viable, either live on stage or streaming, often unseals the lid of the jar that contains long hidden, but not forgotten, memories that still consciously or subconsciously haunt people emotionally wounded by choices they were told would never bother them or impact their relationships. Viable Act II helps your clients to further unpack their feelings and prepare to process them in your office.

By subscribing to Viable Act II, you will receive a full-length online version of Viable, recorded live on stage, plus a five-module online healing journey that contains video recordings of each of the five scenes in the play—separated out so you can discuss and process each scene and theme with your clients one at a time. Each scene from Viable can be used in individual, private sessions or group sessions. Perhaps most importantly, you can share the Viable video segments with small groups, Bible studies, adult or adolescent Sunday schools, Christian academies, colleges, at community speaking engagements, church services, and anywhere else that there may be women and men in need of PASS treatment and recovery that haven’t realized it yet. Viable Act II can even be used effectively if people haven’t yet experienced the full-length play. Viable Act II is the bridge between realization and restoration.

To sample Viable Act II and subscribe annually or monthly, visit To schedule a demonstration of Viable Act II, reach out to John Hoover at or 615-268-3507. Or Visit

Healing Journey

To schedule a performance of Viable live on stage or streaming video, visit, where you can see video highlights of Viable, audience reactions, reviews, and more. Reach out to John Hoover: • 615-268-3507

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Viable is a production of Christian Creative Media, a 501(c)(3) ministry based in Greenville, South Carolina.

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