A Live Play More Powerful Than A Podium Makes Three Promises For Women's Pregnancy Center Directors, Board Members, or Fundraising Directors and/or Heads of Church, Community, or University Pro-Life Organizations

Promise #1: 
Tears of sadness, tears of joy, and audiences rising to their feet to celebrate Christ's victory over sin and self-condemnation. 
Live, professional, one-act theater is a more powerful, transformative, and record-breaking presentation than anyone behind a podium can ever be no matter how compelling the testimonial because of the straight-to-the-heart experience of audience members.

Promise #2: 
A sure cure for fundraising fatigue that comes from "another year in the same venue, with the same meal, and another speaker..." A live, professional dinner theater presentation brings new energy and inspiration to drive ticket sales to record heights.

Promise #3: 
Audience expansion.  A live, professional dinner theater presentation gives unsurpassed motivation for regular gala attendees to invite more friends, neighbors, business associates, church associates, and purchase more tables to accommodate them. Get ready to book larger venues.

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Viable broke all attendance and fundraising records in the history of the South Carolina Citizens for Life Proudly Pro-Life Dinner. The same can be true for your church, university, or special event when you replace your customary keynote speaker with the one-act play ViableIt was a bold move by SCCL President, Lisa Van Riper, our Board, and by me as Executive Director. 

But, God more than blessed the results.

- Holly Gatling, Secretary of the National Right to Life Committee and Executive Director of South Carolina Citizens for Life

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Gisele Gathings, who plays Judy, the post-abortive woman in Viable, describes the play this way:

"A journey through raw emotion, revelation, and realization of faith, family, and falsehoods into transformational hope, forgiveness, healing, life, and love. Viable speaks life into many life experiences therefore transcending race, religion, politics, and speaks to vastness of God's love for His creation."

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Formerly Jacob

"For the Little Ones"
Music, Lyrics, and Vocal by Geoffrey Klerekoper
For more visit, FormerlyJacob.com

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