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What is a Christian worldview? Just think of seeing the world through God's eyes; a world where we use our free will to make the right and best choices.  Christian Creative Media tells stories from the most God-like perspective we can – on stage, the page, and screen – guided by Holy Scripture and His perfect love. 

Viable is our current project for the live stage. In 60 minutes, with three actors and two chairs, an unforgettable tale will unfold before you; a tale of heartbreak, grieving, sorrow, and shame. As only God can, He restores the wages of heartbreak, grieving, sorrow, and shame through grace, unmitigated mercy, and forgiveness. He puts condemnation aside in favor of comfort and compassion for a woman who has lost her child to abortion and paid a terrible emotional price.

The Viable storyline captures an unforgettable confrontation as an aborted child visits her mother nearly 30 years later. The mother has carried guilt and grief for all that time, trying all the while to protect her emotional stability by professing the mantras that abortion providers originally used to comfort her.  Despite her best efforts, the mother has always secretly questioned the pro-abortion stance she clung to so desperately to justify her decision.

Forgiven and restored, the mother vows to share both her long-held secret and her newly-found spiritual freedom with her living daughter who is considering an abortion. As highly controversial and electrically charged a social issue as abortion is, Viable follows a journey of forgiveness, renewal, and hope through the eyes of one woman who carried a burden of despair.


Viable is not about the politics of abortion, legality of abortion, or even the constitutionality of abortion. Viable presents the truth about Christ's love, healing, and redemption. This dramatic presentation is one way we minister to the nation and the world to educate audiences about life events through the lens of a Christian worldview.

Viable is produced in association with To request a performance of Viable for your church or organization, to license your own production, if you simply want more information about the play, or to help support future productions, visit or contact Your feedback on this production is greatly appreciated. Psalm 139:13-16. Jeremiah 1:5. 

Viable is copyrighted, trademarked, and protected by the Dramatist Guild.

Viable Performances

 Viable will once again open the 2020 National Right To Life Convention in Washington D.C. on June 25th, 2020.
For more information, contact

- March 2020: TBA
- April 2020: Viable travels to South Carolina & North Carolina - Venues TBA
- May 2020: Viable travels to New York City and Los Angeles - Venues TBA
- June 2020: Viable travels to Iowa, Missouri, Alabama, and Virginia - Venues TBA
- July 2020: TBA
- August 2020: TBA
- September 2020: Viable travels to Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington State, and Idaho - Venues TBA
- October 2020: Viable travels to Nebraska, South Dakota, Myrtle Beach SC and Minnesota - Venues TBA
- November 2020: TBA
- December 2020: TBA
- April 2021: Viable travels to Chicago - Venues TBA

Past Performances of Viable

- January 10, 2020 - South Carolina Citizens for Life Proudly Pro-Life Gala, Columbia, South Carolina
- October 24, 2019 - North Greenville University, Tigerville, South Carolina
- October 11, 2019 - Spaghetti Dinner Theater - First Presbyterian Church, Greenville, South Carolina
- September 30, 2019 - Oaklawn Baptist Church, Texarkana, Texas
- September 29, 2019 - Covenant Presbyterian Church, Little Rock, Arkansas
- September 28, 2019 - Awaken Church, Jonesboro, Arkansas
- September 27, 2019 - St. Raphael Catholic Church, Springdale, Arkansas
- July 5, 2019 - National Right to Life Convention, Charleston Convention Center, Charleston, South Carolina
- June 29, 2019 - First Presbyterian Church, Greenville, South Carolina
- June 28, 2019 - First Presbyterian Church, Greenville, South Carolina (Premiere)

Viable at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Little Rock, AR

Kimberly Jackson (L) and Gisele Gathings (R) in Viable at
Covenant Presbyterian Church in Little Rock, AR September 29, 2019

The Cast of Viable visits four cities in Arkansas

The Cast of Viable visits four cities in Arkansas, September 26 - 30, 2019. Pictured here are (L-R) Scott Braxton (George), John Hoover (Producer & Playwright), Rose Mimms (Executive Director of Arkansas Right to Life), Gisele Gathings (Judy), Kimberly Jackson (Young Woman), and Shamira Scott (Production Stage Manager).

Proudly Pro-Life Gala Succeeds with Viable


Viable Cast


Judy: Gisele Gathings

Gisele Gathings is a multi-talented, multi-media personality.  She has performed as an actress, featured vocalist, talk show host, news anchor, and media personality on television, radio, and film as well as the stage.  Toyota and Fiat are only a few of her commercial appearances.  Gisele's featured vocal performances include Kylie Odetta, SpeakEasy Jazz, Lakia Club, Razz Ma Jazz Band, Grady Hodges Group, and many others throughout the Southeast, Los Angeles, and in Tuscany, Italy.  She has appeared in a wide variety of productions at Greenville Little Theater, Center Stage, South Carolina Children's Theater, and Gunther Theater at The Peace Center.  Gisele has performed principal roles in productions such as Mac’s Diner, Ghost the Musical, Intimate Apparel, A Month of Sundays, Memories of the Game, Jesus Christ Superstar, Christmas Wish, Cinderella, Purlie, and Working.  The pre-show music is performed by Gisele. Click Here


Young Woman: Kimberly Jackson

Kimberly Jackson feels blessed to be a part of Viable. Her past roles include: Dreamgirls (Stepp Sister/Les Styles/Ensemble) at Greenville's Centre Stage, Ragtime (Person of Harlem/Haitian Immigrant/Ensemble), Hairspray (Harriet/Beatnick/Ensemble), and Miracle of 34th Street (Dutch Girl’s Mother) at Greenville Little Theater. Kimberly has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Theatre. She writes: First, I’d like to thank God for presenting me with an opportunity to use my skills and talents to give him all the honor, the glory, and the praise. Second, thanks to my Mom, Donna Jackson, my biggest supporter (ISGYM), and my other family and friends who continue to support me. Third, I thank God to be a part of this journey, and this amazing cast and crew. 1 Corinthians 10:31; Proverbs16:3; Colossians3:23-24.

Scott Braxton

George: Scott Braxton

Scott first worked with writer/director/producer, John Hoover, 35 years ago in Los Angeles when he played a retired NFL Player and nightclub owner of the Pigskin Palace in the new musical, First Billboard on the Moon, which premiered at the Los Angeles Variety Arts Theater. Scott is the brother of Aleta Braxton-O'Brien who has performed for over thirty years with the Los Angeles Music Center Opera, the Roger Wagner Chorale, the Jubilee Singers, and who has appeared in dozens of motion pictures, television shows, and advertisements. Scott is the son of Frank Braxton, who was the first African-American animator in Hollywood. Scott's talents steered him into education, and he became the principal of the most expensive high school ever built in the United States in downtown Los Angeles. One of Scott's children is a journalist and the other works for an entertainment firm in LA. Now retired from LA Unified, Scott joins us from California to continue his acting career in service his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Production Stage Manager: Shamira Scott

Shamira was born in Atlanta, Georgia. After high school, Shamira attended Valor Christian College in Ohio, majoring in Music Ministry. Shamira then relocated to South Carolina where she attends North Greenville University. While attending North Greenville, Shamira had the opportunity to write her very first production using the arts to walk through a brutal-yet- progressive period of American history. Many of the audience members described her production as “refreshing,” “emotionally engaging,” “leaving you wanting more,” etc.. Today, Shamira works as the Creative Director for Jeremiah’s Photography as well as In the Middle Talk Show. She is the stage manager for Viable and continues writing and directing her own productions. Shamira continues to trust and have faith in God’s bigger picture; even when He doesn't share all of the details.

Playwright/Producer/Director, Dr. John Hoover, Gisele Gathings (Judy), Christian Creative Media Chairwoman, Karen Iacovelli, Christian Creative Media Board Director, Dr. Tony Beam, Kimberly Jackson (Young Woman), and Scott Braxton (George)“

"Left to Right: Playwright / Producer / Director, Dr. John Hoover, Gisele Gathings (Judy), Christian Creative Media Chairwoman, Karen Iacovelli, Christian Creative Media Board Director, Dr. Tony Beam, Kimberly Jackson (Young Woman), and Scott Braxton (George)"


Writer / Producer / Director: John Hoover

John is a former writer/producer of live shows for Disney and Divisional General Manager/Executive Producer for electronic publishing at McGraw-Hill.  He has written/produced/directed live and televised performances by Mohammad Ali, Pearl Bailey, Glenn Campbell, Richard Carpenter, Dick Clark, Roy Clark, Cary Grant, Bob Hope, Vicki Lawrence, Mario Lopez, Fred MacMurray, Robert Redford, Jimmy Stewart, and dozens more.  He started with Broadway tours of Company, Fiddler, Follies, and Zorba.  John now coaches chief executives around the world in all industries, including ABC/Disney/ESPN, NBC, and HBO.  He is a New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen leadership and psychology books for Amacom, Career Press, HarperCollins, McGraw-Hill, St. Martin's Press, Sage, and Wiley.  Dr. Hoover has lectured on leadership coaching at Columbia, NYU, Vanderbilt, and Yale.  John is still an executive coach and coaching supervisor.  But, he has now dedicated his creative talents to glorifying God and advancing His Kingdom through stage, screen, and Christian books.

Please join us in spreading this unique, jubilant experience that informs and educates about how powerfully the love of Christ can transform lives. Christian Creative Media produces and licenses Christian productions in churches, theaters, universities, and conferences.  You can license your own production of Viable, engage Dr. Hoover as a visiting director, or bring a professional Viable cast to your church or organization just by contacting us. Thanks in advance for your prayerful support. The donate button is below. We look forward to meeting you at one of our performances.

Arkansas Reviews for Viable
Viable was a heart rending performance of the pain and turmoil a black little secret causes. The play is a powerful tool for opening up awareness of the long term and long range effects of choosing abortion that most people who have not known it firsthand have not really thought about. The play graciously presents God's forgiveness and His desire to heal those who know abortion all too well.  Bring your tissues!  And your friends!
- Lori Rousch, Chapter Leader Deeper Still Arkansas
Creative, powerful, moving, thought-provoking and grace-centered are words that reflect my reaction to seeing the one act play. The trauma experienced by post-abortive women and men was authentically and soberingly presented. Most significantly, the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bring about honesty, forgiveness, healing, and restoration was soundly declared. Viable is a helpful tool to encourage the church to be more proactive in supporting pro-life causes as well as ministering the God’s grace to those suffering the consequences of having an abortion.
- Tim Reed, Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church - Little Rock

The Right To Life sponsored play, Viable, is one of the most profound statements of forgiveness you will ever witness. The obvious message of a child’s pure love, a mother’s angry guilt, a couple's struggling relationship and God’s forgiveness was powerful! Please do not miss the opportunity to understand what RTL is all about!
- Dan Sullivan, Springdale Arkansas
Viable is a beautifully written play that emphasizes the life-altering, negative impacts - psychological, familial, and spiritual - that commonly follow abortion for those who may be considering abortion, while simultaneously offering a message of understanding, redemption, and hope available through Jesus Christ to those already affected by abortion. I highly recommend Viable.
- Jimmy Gazaway, Jonesboro Arkansas

Article: Viable The Truth Presented in One Act to Tour Arkansas Beginning September 27

TV Interview: Arkansas Alive 9/20/19: Rose Mimms

Audience Feedback

"Amazing! Moving and touching play."

"Absolutely beautiful! Deeply moving and wonderfully played out."

"Thank you for bringing to life the reality of the grief and regret of the post-abortive woman."

"Please express my grateful thanks and deep appreciation to John and the cast of Viable for an excellent performance of Viable. It was an outstanding event which demonstrated that a great deal of preparation, rehearsal, and prayer had been invested in this event. More importantly, however, it handled a controversial and sensitive issue with grace, doing so through a cast, who were so gifted, the audience found them to be believable and accessible each time a new level of emotional interaction was reached. Please, thank everyone involved and I look forward to hearing great reports from tonight’s performance." - Dr. Richard Gibbons, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Greenville, SC

"Everybody needs to see this play!"

"This was amazing. I felt a super part of it. The acting was profound. This play will change hearts."

"I came in not expecting much. But, I found myself laughing and crying. The performance completely captured my heart. Easily as good as anything I have seen anywhere."

"Amazing work! God bless you all."

Video Highlights from Viable and Audience Reactions


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